Indier Than Thou: The Magic That is Ohbijou!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Magic That is Ohbijou!

So I saw this band open up for Great Lake Swimmers a few months ago, and we were all blown away. But they seemed like one of those bands that are awesome live, but maybe not so good know, the kind of band that has a sort of UNRECORDABLE spark or something. I finally heard the record "Swift Feet for Troubling Times" last weekend (thanks Iain!!) and now must eat my words. The magic, I think, is captured remarkably's lush and pretty and catchy and sweet. Lots of violins, harmonies, banjos and a clever title to boot. This is from their website: "Laying in bed, in a fit of unbridled happiness, hitting me like an unexpected sneeze, I looked at you and said....ohbijou.” romantic...another perfectly pertinent adjective for the magic that is OHBIJOU.
Favourite songs: The Otherside, The Woods.


Blogger Clara said...

aww not that wildfire song?? it's beautiful! they are....the greatest. i'll probably post this later, if i can find it, but have you heard of CBC Fuse? OHBIJOU did one with Kids on TV...i find their set list on it to be... not brilliant or anything... but yeah, it's still pretty awesome.

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