Indier Than Thou: March 2007

Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's not weird, it's just crappy!

The Stooges- The Weirdness

This album sucks. It's like your younger brother started a punk band, and he's really excited about it and you overhear them practicing in your basement and when he asks you what you thought all you can say is "dude, you guys sound good, but...get rid of your singer." I even heard that Steve Albini didn't want his name on it as producer so they used the term "engineer" instead...
One good thing is that the album thankfully contains pics of Iggy with his shirt on (well, he has a jacket on but you can barely see his bare chest peeking through..phew). I didn't think any pictures of un-shirtless Iggy existed!
During the uber-crappy song called "My Idea of Fun", Iggy drones over and over: "My idea of fun/is killing everyone", and on the annoying "ATM", I think he's saying "money is simply the loot/gonna bullshit the bullshit up". It has been suggested that he's being trite on purpose-point taken, but if I wanna hear that crap I'll go down to the local shithole on a monday night (they save monday nights for the bands that suck) and shake my fist in the air to my little brothers new band...if I had a little brother.

Friday, March 30, 2007

I don't have time for this now but...

Rubik are amazing. Fjord Rowboat, Harmonica, Yoko Casionos, Jenn Grant, Frida Hyvönen, Christine Fellows, Pipettes, the View and Metronomy are good.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Computers Are Crazy!

Even if you're not a Nine Inch Nails fan (and I kind of hope that you aren't!) THIS is worth checking out. You can imagine yourself that you are a big-name producer and that The Mayor will shortly pay a visit to your home and your fancy computer to give you a sash and some money.

Something else that's snazzy and computers-and-music-related is Loop Duplicate My Heart - Suburban Kids With Biblical Names[mp3] which I am quite sure you will have already heard but if you've not...there it is. But I warn you, it is littered with crappy handclaps.

Lastly there is a very long but interesting thing to read about music and the internet, if you at all care.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Amy Winehouse!

ok, so I know everyone's been talking about this chick for awhile, but I've always been a late bloomer, ok?? and in my defense, her last album sucked.
It's sorta retro-motown -girlgroup-r&b meets Miseducation of Lauryn Hill meets low-fi- Christina Aguilera-pop!....she can sing like nobody's fucking business!
and now I must excuse myself while I listen to the title track over and over and over again...I'M OBSESSED!
"we only said goodbye with words/I died a hundred times/you go back to her/and I go back to black"
(other notable tracks include rehab and tears dry on their own)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's cold outside...we need to stay warm!

The Postmarks are my warm, cozy slippers. I want to cuddle with the postmarks by the fire on those cold winter nights. Maybe it's because they're from Florida, but heat seems to pulsate from my speakers while I listen. A hint of Postal Service, a dash of Frou Frou and a pinch of early Stars, I think.